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Directed Yves Courbet
The universe of Pompom is a minimalist, completely new, out of time and international concept : the fusion of two worlds, image and music. In this world, funny and cute creatures act as human, but without brain cells.
Life is a beach
A small robot in captivity will do everything he could to reach its dream : be on the edge of the beach and live free.
Directed by Xavier Etchepare and
Vincent Kawnick
Poesie Del Amor

Leo is fifteen. Son and grandson of farmers, full of passion and mainly different from the other teenagers. To his desire to live away from society answers his will to break the everyday life. Like a puppet master, he directs his meeting with Nathan, young yuppie without an age, managing to success in everything he wants but having no dreams left.

Directed by Olivier Vidal
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Mischa Aznavour
Dora Doll
Jérémie Petit
Marc Andréoni
Alain Bouzigues.
Created in 2001 and located at Lyon, France, Kinescop Films Prod. is fond of the making of cinematographic projects. We are accompanying selected projects, giving them all the logistic and artistic apport in order to see them on the big screen. This could be described as our main leitmotiv.

The directors have managed to convince us by their sensibility, their subtility and their projects's high potential of diffusion. Even if it's well known that giving birth to a short movie and showing it to the audience is something difficult, we take it as a duty with the authors, actors and directors.

We're fond of developing these movies and giving young directors the opportunity to fully express their talents.
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February 2011
"Life is a Beach" has been selected to the RIFF Awards 2011 (Roma International Film Festival). You can see it's page right here.
April 2011
"Life is a Beach" has been selected to the 13th edition of the FIFFBA ("Festival International du Film Francophone de Bratislava")